UConn SAS Day

I attended a UConn SAS Day last week at the UConn School of Business Graduate Business Learning Center in Hartford, CT. Ram Gopal, department head of Operations and Information Management at UConn, gave welcoming remarks highlighting UConn’s new MS in Business Analytics and Project Management program that is now available at the Hartford campus. The first presenter, Pete Bothwell, Senior VP of Enterprise BI & Analytics at Travelers, focused on analytics in the property and casualty environment. The second presenter, Jon Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS, demonstrated the use of JMP, a SAS tool used for graphic data analysis which can be used to bundle large amounts of data into meaningful statistical graphics. He used it to showcase processing times for data sets of various sizes and shapes, ending with an impressive graphical display of census data over time cycling through thousands of variables. Finally, the last presentation delivered by Radhika Kulharni, VP R&D Analytics at SAS, complemented John Sall’s topic on how SAS can be used to process large amounts of data in seconds. She focused on the use of distributed computing environments such as SAS GRID and products such as SAS Scoring Accelerator and SAS Analytics Accelerator which are used to process data inside the database itself, minimizing I/O and processing time. She then discussed the use of applying these analytic capabilites to customer behavior: for example, tailoring a coupon for a particular customer.

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