What is SAS Visual Analytics?

SAS Visual Analytics was highlighted at this year’s Global Forum opening session as one of the biggest developments for SAS in recent memory. In essence it is a powerful data visualization tool that uses a high-performance SAS LASR Analytic Server and a distributed computing environment to improve the data exploration and model development process by making it faster, more automatic, and adding a web-based, interactive user interface. Most users do not have access to this product since it is so new, but it can be advantageous to develop a knowledge of analytic products currently available in the industry.

According to SAS, Visual Analytics allows users to:

  • Visually explore huge amounts of data extremely quickly
  • Execute analytic correlations in seconds
  • Deliver results quickly wherever needed (V.A. supports web reports and mobile devices such as the iPad).

Users wishing to learn more about this new product offering from SAS can read about key features, system requirements, and access both screenshots and demos through the SAS Visual Analytics site: www.sas.com/technologies/bi/visual-analytics.html.