SAS Withdraws Funding for Regional User Groups

At the opening session this week, the NESUG committee announced that NESUG 2013 would be the last NESUG. They sent a follow-up email the next day explaining the reasons behind this decision:

To the NESUG User Community:

On August 29, SAS informed us and the other regional user groups that they were significantly reducing funding support for annual regional conferences, including NESUG, beginning in 2014.

The NESUG Executive Committee met on September 3 to discuss this decision and to decide our response. We came to the conclusion that we, as volunteers, can no longer conduct a conference as successfully as we have for more than a quarter of a century. Therefore, the NESUG Executive Committee has voted unanimously to cancel all future conferences.

We want to thank our attendees, and especially the hundreds of volunteer presenters, session coordinators, registration desk volunteers, and others who so generously donated their time and talent to help the NESUG conference to set a standard of excellence for over a quarter of a century. We will miss you, but we encourage you to stay involved with the SAS community.

NESUG Inc. “Of the user, by the user, for the user”

Daphne Ewing
Warren Stinson
Sue Douglass
Earl Westerlund
Lois Levin
Paul Gorrell
Lisa Eckler
Lisa Pyle
George Hurley

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